• Health Screenings

    Pennsylvania state law mandates specific health screenings for students.  The School Nurse begins these screenings after the start of the school year.  Please contact the School Nurse if you have any questions about screenings.
    The following health screenings are mandated by Pennsylvania law: 
    - Growth Screening: Height and weight are recorded annually for each student.
    - Vision Screening: Vision screening, both for near and far vision, is completed annually for each student. 
                                    Color and depth perception are assessed in grades one and two.
    - Hearing Screening: Hearing screenings are done in kindergarten and grades one, two, three, seven, and eleven.
    - Scoliosis Screening: Scoliosis screening, a mandated screening for spinal curvature, is done in grades six and seven.
    - BMI (Body Mass Index): BMI is a screening tool used to assess children at risk of being underweight or overweight.  BMI is calculated based upon body weight, height, age, and gender data.  BMI in children is age-specific and gender-specific.  Parents/guardians will be notified of their child's BMI and are encouraged to share this information with their child's physician.
    Parents/guardians will be notified if their child's health screenings reveal any concerns or abnormalities.  In these instances, School Nurses will provide referrals for further testing/diagnosis.