• School Board Members

    Region One
    • Ms. Chapin Cimino
    • Dr. Marylin Huff, President
    • Mrs. Kelly Wachtman
    Region Two
    • Mr. Damon Orsetti
    • Dr. Michele Downie
    • Dr. Robert Reiger, Vice President
    Region Three
    • Dr. David Grande, Treasurer
    • Dr. Richard C. Sonntag
    • Ms. Wendy Voet, Assistant Secretary

    Ex-Officio Member -  Lisa A. Palmer, Ed.D., Superintendent


    • Mrs. Darlene Klingerman, Board Secretary
    • Mr. Kyle Berman, Solicitor 



    All Correspondence to Board Members should be mailed to:
                                        Wallingford-Swarthmore School District
                                        200 South Providence Road
                                        Wallingford, PA 19086
    Electronic mail to all school board members may be sent to board@wssd.org.
    If you wish to direct your messages to an individual school board member, place the member's first name in the subject line of the message.