• Asthma Inhalers and Epi-Pens

    In certain cases, students with asthma and/or severe allergies may carry their own asthma inhalers and EpiPens.  In order to allow self-administration of an inhaler or EpiPen, an Authorization for Medication Administration must be completed and kept on file in the Nurse's Office. The physician and parent must indicate on the form whether the child may carry the medication and self-administer.  Self-administration of medication is permitted only for emergency medication such as inhalers and adrenaline.  It is not recommended that students carry or self-administer asthma or emergency adrenaline at the elementary school level.  If the child may self-administer, additional medication (especially an EpiPen) should be kept in the Nurse's Office in the event that a student forgets or misplaces his/her emergency medication.
    Students who self-administer their emergency medication or inhalers should notify the nurse as soon as possible after using the medication.  The nurse will assess the health of the student, document the use of the medication, and arrange for further medical attention, as needed.  All inhalers or EpiPens should be labeled with the child's name.