The Wallingford-Swarthmore School District is committed to assuring the academic achievement and personal growth of all students within an environment that promotes:
    • Respect for self and others
    • Active engagement in learning
    • Leadership in the global community
    • The pursuit of excellence


    Our vision is to develop a world-class school district that provides students with the skills to succeed in a changing global environment. This vision will be realized through a commitment to high-quality programs and continuous improvement based upon careful analysis and integration of the most effective practices.


    Our deepest convictions and values:

    • All people have equal worth
    • All individuals can be successful learners
    • People learn in different ways and at different rates
    • Learning is a lifelong pursuit
    • Individuals learn best when actively engaged in the learning process
    • High expectations yield high results
    • Education is the shared responsibility of the student, family, school, and greater community
    • Each person bears responsibility for the well-being of society and the quality of the environment
    • Diversity of culture and belief enriches and strengthens our community
    • Society benefits when individual rights are balanced with social responsibilities
    • Ethical conduct is essential to the quality of life
    • High-quality public education directly benefits the entire community and is essential for a democratic society