• Workers' Compensation Benefits


    If you suffer a work-related injury, your health and well-being are our first concern. 
    If the injury is of a serious nature and requires the assistance of emergency or rescue personnel, they should be contacted immediately. 
    If the injury is of a less serious nature, the first thing you must do is report the injury to your supervisor.  
    To register your injury with the District's workers' compensation carrier, CM REGENT INSURANCE COMPANY you must report your injury to the Human Resources Department at 610-892-3470 extension 1406 and complete the Worker's Compensation Claims Reporting packet.
    If you suffer a work-related injury, the District or its insurer will pay for reasonable surgical, medical, and pharmaceutical services and supplies.  In order to ensure that your medical treatment will be paid for by the District or its insurer, you must select your initial healthcare provider from one of the designated physicians listed on the Workers' Compensation "Designated Health Care Providers" form.  
    If you suffer a work-related injury and seek healthcare attention from one of the District's providers, or if you require a prescription,  do not use your personal health plan or prescription insurances 
    CLICK HERE for the Workers' Compensation claims reporting packet.