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    The Safety and Security team, led by the District's Safety and Security Coordinator, is committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for all students as per PA school code (School Safety and Security Committee and the Amendments to Act 19 in 2019. In a student-centered framework, our Safety and Security aides will play a vital role in maintaining a healthy school climate and culture as they will fulfill a myriad of duties such as, but not limited to: 

    1. Support in the monitoring arrival/dismissal and support traffic patterns on district property

    2. Support and monitor the implementation of district and building safety plans

    3. Monitor school hallways, locker rooms, restrooms, athletic facilities, recess, lunch, after-school programs, etc.

    4. Monitor students’ behavior and prevent violations of student code of conduct

    5. Support building administration in investigating disciplinary incidences

    6. Support non-employee visitors upon arrival to campus and provide guidance

    7. Support in the implementation of PBIS (be safe, be respectful, be kind)   

    8. Support staff with safety incidents or violations of the school code of conduct

    9. Support with fire and emergency drills

    10. Support in creating a welcoming, respectful and inclusive environment by building positive relationships with students, staff, and the community. 

    In today’s world, the world of safety and security is ever changing to adapt to the new trends and challenges that are put forth daily. The effectiveness of safety and security can be ensured by building a strong safety and security team through required training; enforcement and reviewing policy and procedures; community engagement; collaboration with our local law enforcement and other emergency personnel; and building relationships with students, staff, families, and community members. This multi-faceted system will help maintain a safe, secure and welcoming environment to continue to support students. 

    Welcome from Safety and Security Coordinator, Dana McBride

    Dear WSSD Community,

    My name is Dana McBride, and I join WSSD as the Safety & Security Coordinator. I’m excited to be joining the Wallingford-Swarthmore family. I have over twenty years of experience in local law enforcement, emergency management, and K-12 school safety & security. My core values align with the vision and mission statements of the District as I strive to create a safe and secure environment for all students, and to incorporate school safety into the culture of WSSD in a thoughtful and positive way.  

    Safety and security of our students and staff is my number one priority. In my expertise, I look forward to collaborating with the stakeholders of WSSD which include students, staff, administration, parents and the community. School safety is a shared, collaborative responsibility.  WSSD is fortunate to have the strong support of our local police departments.  I am looking forward to working closely with Chief Splain, Chief Stufflet and their officers. 

    Every student deserves to have a safe place to learn and grow, and staff should also feel safe in their work environment. I am looking forward to working, building partnerships and relationships that ensure safety and well-being within the entire WSSD community.

    Thank you,

    Dana McBride

    Coordinator of Safety and Security


    610-892-3470 ext.1109

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