• Information on Safety and Security

    The Safety and Security team, led by the District's Safety and Security Coordinator, is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all students as per PA school code (School Safety and Security Committee) and the Amendments to Act 19 of 2019. In a student-centered framework, our Safety and Security aides will play a vital role in maintaining a healthy school climate and culture as they will fulfill a myriad of duties such as, but not limited to: 

    1. Support in the monitoring arrival/dismissal and supporting traffic patterns on district property

    2. Support and monitor the implementation of district and building safety plans

    3. Monitor school hallways, locker rooms, restrooms, athletic facilities, recess, lunch, after-school programs, etc.

    4. Monitor students’ behavior and prevent violations of the student code of conduct

    5. Support building administration in investigating disciplinary incidences

    6. Support non-employee visitors upon arrival on campus and provide guidance

    7. Support in the implementation of PBIS (be safe, be respectful, be kind)   

    8. Support staff with safety incidents or violations of the school code of conduct

    9. Support with fire and emergency drills

    10. Support in creating a welcoming, respectful and inclusive environment by building positive relationships with students, staff, and the community. 

    In today’s world, the world of safety and security is ever-changing to adapt to the new trends and challenges that are put forth daily. The effectiveness of safety and security can be achieved by building a strong safety and security team through required training; enforcement and reviewing policy and procedures; community engagement; collaboration with our local law enforcement and other emergency personnel; and building relationships with students, staff, families, and community members. This multi-faceted system will help maintain a safe, secure and welcoming environment to continue to support students. 

    Threat Assessment

    In accordance with Act 18 of 2019, all 5 WSSD schools have established threat assessment teams composed of trained administrators, counselors, psychologists, intervention specialists, and mental health specialists.  Building teams may also involve nurses, school safety personnel, or local law enforcement when needed. Parents are involved when a threatening event occurs and are provided guidance and information regarding local resources. Student threat events are documented and reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education at the end of every school year.

    Members of the Threat Assessment Team

    District Level Team/S2S team

    Dr. Megan McCullough
    Dr. Jim Conley
    Leslie Shaud
    Dana McBride
    Nether Providence Police Chief Splain
    Swarthmore Police Chief Splain
    Building level teams as appropriate

    Strath Haven High School

    Greg Hilden-Prinicpal-Lead
    Andrea LaPira-Asst. Principal
    Tabatha Duffy-Asst. Principal
    Tom McLaughlin-Asst. Principal
    Travis Edwards-School Counselor
    Jessica Domsky-School Counselor
    Jennifer Salvage-School Counselor
    Robin Smith-School Counselor
    Sarah Broderick-School Psychologist
    Marlena O'Kane-Behavioral Health Counselor
    Patricia Sullivan-Behavioral Health Counselor
    Sarah Flemming- School Nurse
    Regina Hollis-Special Education Department Chair

    Strath Haven Middle School

    Chris Matsanka-Prinicpal-Lead
    Steve Krall-Asst. Principal
    Kimberly Stock-Asst. Principal
    Erica Laster-School Counselor
    Matthew Elliser-School Counselor
    Danielle Bertoni-School Counselor
    Avril Takiff-Weiner-School Social Worker
    Marissa Morelli-School Psychologist
    Roxann Gariffo-Nurse
    AliTaylor-Special Education Department Chair
    Mariah Powell - School Counselor

    Nether Providence Elementary School

    Al Heinle-Prinicpal-Lead
    Lauren Desanctis-School Counselor
    Shannon Sluzalis-School Psychologist
    Deb Sweeney-School Nurse
    Laura Blockson-Special Education Department Chair
    Patricia Bender-Special Education Department Chair
    Lisa Ferraro - BH Counselor

    Swarthmore-Rutledge School

    Angel Tuck-Prinicpal-Lead
    Tony Lorine-School Counselor
    Ashley Yingst-School Social Worker
    Sarah Ashenfelter-School Psychologist
    School Nurse
    Alyssa Malason-Special Education Department Chair

    Wallingford Elementary School

    Gabe Savage-Prinicpal-Lead
    Eryka Weaver-School Counselor
    Stephanie Clarke-School Psychologist
    Erin Costa-School Nurse
    Christopher Conlan-Special Education department chair
    Audrey Ennis - BH Counselor

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