• District Testing Accommodations Overview

    The Wallingford-Swarthmore School District assesses all students grades K-8 using the same student academic monitoring tool. This tool is utilized for student testing three times yearly; please consult your school teams for testing windows. The main feature to this testing tool is the universal in-assessment accommodations that can be made.

    If your child is exceptional:

    For exceptional students, case managers and classroom teacher collaborate to pre-set testing accommodations in accordance with your child’s IEP or 504 service agreement and devise planning around other accommodations, such as testing environments, adaptive technology, etc. Contact your child’s case manager and/or school principal to discuss the accommodations that are being utilized during test administration and if there may be a need for other testing accommodations within the IEP.

    If your child is non-exceptional:

    Contact your child’s homeroom teacher and/or school principal to discuss the accommodations that the class is using during test administration. If your child has a 504 Service Agreement that may contain accommodations for testing, the accommodations are pre-set in accordance with your child’s 504 Service Agreement, and other accommodations are prepared prior to your child’s start of testing such as environmental features, group size, etc.