• Student Registration Forms

    The Wallingford-Swarthmore School District utilizes a central registration system.  If you do not have access to a computer, you can make an appointment to complete the registration at the Registration Office which is located at:

    Registration Office

    Strath Haven Middle School
    Room B215
    200 South Providence Road
    Wallingford, PA 19086

    Please utilize this phone number for any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment with someone in the Registration Office.  You may also e-mail your question(s) to our Registrar, Derrick Clements, at dclements@wssd.org.

    So you can best prepare to complete the online registration packet, we have provided you with information you can review prior to beginning the process. 

    Please visit the links at the left for important details regarding required registration information or click here

    Since the District utilizes an online registration system, accessed on the PowerSchool Parent Portal, please do NOT complete these paper forms.  This registration packet is provided to you so you will know what information you will be required to provide and what questions will be asked of you.  

    The district utilizes an electronic registration system. The forms that you will be asked to complete include:

    1. Student Registration Application - Required

    2. Parental Registration Statement - Required

    3. Authorization to Release Information - Required

    4. Home Language Survey - Required

    5. PA School Vaccination Information for Parents - Informational 

    6. PA Dept. of Health - Physical Examination Form - Required within 30 days of school starting for all incoming students and must be dated within one year.

    7. PA Dept. of Health - Dental Exam - Required within 30 days of school starting for all incoming students and must be dated within one year.

    8. Health History - Required

    9. Special Services - Required

    10. Population Enumeration Census - Required

    11. Student Transportation Information - Required

    12. Student Survey for Kindergarten - Required (for K only)

    13. Acceptable Use Agreement - Required

    14. Google Apps for Education Permission - Required

    15. Photo Permission - Required

    16. Release of Information Regarding Residency - Required (w/Rental Agmt)

    17. Custody Agreement - Court Order - Required (if applicable)

    18. Military Family Data- Requested

    19. Affidavit in Regard to Non-Resident Children Living With a Resident Family - Required (if applicable)

    20. Application for Multiple Occupancy Registration - Required (if applicable)

    21. Recertification of Multiple Occupancy Registration - Required yearly after initial MO Registration (if applicable)