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    Frequently Asked Questions by Parents


    Where can I access a copy of the Silver Guide?

    ClickScheduling Process here to access the Silver Guide

    When does the scheduling process begin?

    At the end of the first semester and midway through the second semester, teachers make course recommendations for the next school year in the core areas: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, World Language, and Special Education.

    How will I know what has been recommended for my child?

    In March, students will receive a printed copy of their course requests which will list the core areas by recommendation. Students will be asked to review the printout closely to determine that all of the course information is correct.

    What if I notice a problem with the courses on the printout?

    Students will be prompted to review their course information carefully. They will be asked to identify any errors, and the administration will make those corrections before the next round of course printouts are distributed.

    What if I do not agree with the recommended course or level placement for core courses?

    Students may complete a form called “Review of Recommended Placement” and bring it to the teacher who recommended them. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss or have a conference with the teacher about the recommendation. The student, parent, and teacher will all sign the form, and it will be returned to Ms. LaPira in the third floor office as soon as possible.

    What if the teacher does not approve the recommended placement, but I feel strongly that my student should have a different course or level placement?

    All students and their parents ultimately have the responsibility to decide on an appropriate program of studies. Students and parents should complete a waiver form and submit it to Ms. LaPira in the third floor office.


    How will I choose electives?

    Students will access the student portal during the open enrollment period in March. When students choose electives, they are making requests which will assist administration in determining section numbers needed for each elective.

    Am I guaranteed to get my first choice elective?

    While we make every effort to ensure students get their first choice elective, an elective request does not guarantee that a course will fit into the individual student's schedule.

    What courses are available as electives?
    Click here for a quick reference to available electives.

    Will I be able to choose fifth block music courses through the student portal?

    Yes, a description of fifth block courses is noted here.

    Are there any electives I cannot choose through the student portal?

    Students will not be allowed to choose Cooperative Education, Field Career, Independent Study, or courses taken through outside institutions, such as vocational school or college courses. Students interested in these programs must make an appointment with their guidance counselor as early as possible in spring but no later than May 15 to complete the proper paperwork and get administrative approval for these courses.

    Will I have an opportunity to verify all of my course requests?

    In April, students will receive an amended printout of their core and elective courses. Any changes should be submitted to Ms. LaPira in the third floor office by May 15.

    When is the schedule built?

    After the administration, department chairs and the guidance department have the opportunity to review the course requests and section listing in April, a preliminary schedule is built. This process takes several weeks to ensure that the highest number of students possible is scheduled into the courses they require and request.

    Beginning in May and throughout the summer, the administration hand-checks each student's schedule to determine balance, appropriate sequencing of courses, and missing credits.

    When will I see a final schedule?

    In mid-August, the final schedule will be available on the portal for your review.

    What if I notice a problem or decide that I would like to change an elective?

    During August, you should call the administration to discuss the problem. Schedule problems should be resolved prior to the start of the first day of classes.

    Requests for schedule changes will be considered for students who wish to select a different elective, provided the request will not adversely affect class size. Requests for schedule changes will also be considered for students whose schedules do not reflect a balance between core courses and electives provided such a change is possible. Requests for schedule changes based on teacher preference will not be considered.

    What if my question was not answered here?

    You should make contact with Ms. LaPira, Assistant Principal, at extension 2102 or by e-mail: alapira@wssd.org.