• Welcome to the Strategic Plan Pathway of Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

    Statement of Intent

    By 2033 there is a common understanding of Diversity, Equity and Belonging that is embedded in all WSSD practices. The practices, procedures and policies at WSSD fully include and celebrate underrepresented groups. WSSD is a safe and welcoming environment for all regardless of socio-economic status, cultural, religious background, gender, ability or disability that provides: 

    • Equitable access to academic courses and programs 

    • Opportunities for maximum participation and engagement in all academic and non-academic experiences and programs that support and enhance student achievement

    • Professional Development related to diversity, equity and belonging that is reflected in our instructional methods as well as social-emotional practices

    • Proactive learning experiences related to race, ethnicity, gender, ability, and sexual orientation

    Students, staff and families feel empowered to have brave and productive conversations within the safe spaces created at WSSD. Diversity of thoughts and perspectives are honored and institutional barriers are dismantled. Resources are strategically allocated to ensure the success of all students and to address opportunity gaps. WSSD advocates for and supports the whole child, including but not limited to academic achievement, social-emotional well-being, cultural proficiency and self-efficacy for all students.

Diversity Equity & Belonging Details