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    WSSD believes that a robust educational program demands a high-quality technological infrastructure and the purposeful integration of instructional tools and resources. Student privacy and maintaining a secure online learning environment are two guiding principles used by the Technology Department when evaluating digital platforms, tools, and supplemental materials. We rely on current federal policies that provide guidance to school districts on privacy, confidentiality, and security practices.

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    Welcome from the Technology Department

    Welcome to the WSSD Technology Department! The WSSD Technology Department is committed to creating and maintaining a secure and stable technical environment that enables our faculty and staff to embrace our diverse and changing technologically driven world in order to engage students in a wide variety of experiences to support their growth. We strive to ensure our instructional capacity continues to grow to meet the needs of students and support teachers as technology continues to evolve. 

    Our department leadership's core work falls into the following three focus areas:

      • Ensure that every student has access to the same technology and internet resources.
      • Provide students and their families streamlined access to helpful information related to the digital resources available in the district, the acceptable use of those resources, and the different ways we use resources to support learning and achievement.
      • Protect the privacy, confidentiality, and security of digital information by planning and implementing multiple layers of security elements and procedures.

    Please feel free to contact us for any guidance or questions pertaining to our District's technology services and policies.


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