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    The Office of Human Resources is responsible for all employment-related matters of the District including, but not limited to, hiring, compensation and benefits, collective bargaining, and supporting the employee evaluation process. Working with every office and department in the District, the Office of Human Resources both supports the daily operations of our schools and implements policies and programs that ensure all employees are able to best needs of our students and their families. As such, the Office strives to embody the three “e”s in all of its operations – efficiency (streamlining of processes); economy (the deliberate use of resources - human, financial, or otherwise); and efficacy (employee growth and productivity). Accordingly, the Office supports the Superintendent and the Board of School Directors in addressing short-term needs as well as long-term planning as embodied in the Strategic Plan.  
    Our key focus areas include the following:
    • Improving the hiring and retention process, particularly with respect to the diversification of staff and addressing shortages in high-need areas;
    • Better defining employee roles and responsibilities in the District with improved job descriptions and evaluation processes;
    • Better management of labor relations between the District and its labor affiliates, especially as it relates to matter of contract servicing and collective bargaining; and
    • Automating (paperless) traditionally cyclical and routine processes such as filing leave requests, making benefits-related changes, and disseminating critical notices.  


    Welcome from Dr. Ethan Ake-Little, Director of Human Resources

    Thank you for visiting the Office of Human Resources homepage! While human resources might not immediately come to mind when it comes to schools, our office does much more than simply processing paperwork. In fact, our work informs decision-making across the District from hiring the most qualified employees who staff the District’s many curricular and extracurricular programs to offering insight with respect to the District’s financial needs. And, of course, we still do traditional human resources duties such as processing compensation and benefits as well as maintaining employee records.
    Most people see their organization’s human resource professionals like students see the principal’s office – most people believe a call from HR means they are in trouble and their goal becomes to have as limited contact with HR as possible. But, in reality, our staff is much more personable compared to our formal duties. Our Benefits Specialist, Eileen Seichepine, is an excellent resource on all leave as well as benefits-related matters and works closely with all employees to ensure they are able to make the best-informed decision with the maximum possible gain. Likewise, our Administrative Assistant, Donna Scales, is masterful when it comes to maintaining critical records ranging from organizing the hiring process to preparing the personnel section of our board agendas. (And that is no small feat given that the personnel section often is the longest part of the agenda!) Both have a wealth of institutional memory that has repeatedly proven invaluable to our employees and me when it comes to complex decision-making.  
    We invite you to visit us and talk to us in person, whether it is a simple paperwork-related question or a more detailed conversation about your employment with the District. Our offices are located in the very back of the SHMS Administrative Wing (and are quite appreciative of the opportunity to take our eyes off our computer monitors to talk to a human being.) We look forward to continuing to serve you. 
    See You Soon,
    Dr. Ake-Little

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