• Office of Human Resources

    The Office of Human Resources is responsible for all employment-related matters of the District including, but not limited to, hiring, compensation and benefits, collective bargaining, and supporting the employee evaluation process. Working with every office and department in the District, the Office of Human Resources both supports the daily operations of our schools and implements policies and programs that ensure all employees are able to best address the needs of our students and their families. As such, the Office strives to embody the three “e”s in all of its operations – efficiency (streamlining of processes); economy (the deliberate use of resources - human, financial, or otherwise); and efficacy (employee growth and productivity). Accordingly, the Office supports the Superintendent and the Board of School Directors in addressing short-term needs as well as long-term planning as embodied in the Strategic Plan.  
    Our key focus areas include the following:
    • Improving the hiring and retention process, particularly with respect to the diversification of staff and addressing shortages in high-need areas;
    • Better defining employee roles and responsibilities in the District with improved job descriptions and evaluation processes;
    • Better management of labor relations between the District and its labor affiliates, especially as it relates to matter of contract servicing and collective bargaining; and
    • Automating (paperless) traditionally cyclical and routine processes such as filing leave requests, making benefits-related changes, and disseminating critical notices.  


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