• Office of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation

    The mission of the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation is to research, design and implement rigorous and engaging curricula aligned to state and national standards, supported by instructional best practices and on-going professional development for the consistent growth of teachers and staff.
    The Office of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation falls into three core focus areas:
    Elementary Teaching, Learning, and Innovation specializes in:
    • K-5 Literacy based on The Science of Reading
    • Data informed RTII process
      • Using MAP data, Universal screeners (F & P, Dibels) to plan instruction and interventions
    • Building cohesiveness in assessment in Math & ELA across NPE, SRS & WES
      • Common assessment in core content areas
    • Cultural Proficiency, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
    • Professional Development
      • Literacy best practices - The Science of Reading
      • K-5 Social Studies scope and sequence
    • Community Engagement
      • Literacy Night
      • EL night
      • In collaboration with Director of Secondary TLI develop a literacy 
    series for parents/guardians
    Secondary Teaching, Learning, and Innovation:

    The primary curricular goal is the realization of learning experiences

    • that encompass diverse perspectives, 

    • that provide deep vertically- and horizontally-aligned understandings within and across disciplines, and 

    • that are skills and practices-based in ways that make them applicable and relevant to real-world contexts. 

    The primary instructional goal is the cultivation of learning 

    • through authentic and engaging experiences that honor creativity, critical thought, curiosity, and personal passion;

    • through thoughtfully-designed, on-going, curricularly-embedded formative and summative assessment mechanisms that guide instruction; and

    • through clearly-articulated, commonly-understood learning goals and expectations that require learner engagement across all four levels of Webbs’ Depth of Knowledge.

    The primary professional learning goal is the creation of a culture of learning 

    • that provides professionals opportunities for self-reflection and inquiry,
    • that supports on-going collaboration among teachers of common courses and/or grades, 

    • that recognizes the whole learner, and

    • that relies on thoughtful analysis of data from multiple sources to guide and inform decision-making.

    STEM Teaching, Learning, and Innovation specializes in:
    • Building an understanding of the engineering design process and how this differs from the scientific method.
    • Providing authentic learning experiences based in problem solving scenarios. These experiences should be standards based on utilizing the best teaching practices.
    • Fostering a sense of curiosity in our students through mentoring and modeling with STEM professionals in the field.
    • Expanding coding opportunities for all students in particular those enrolled at the elementary level. 

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