Strath Haven High School

    Health and Physical Education Department


    Course: Body-Shaping Plus     

    Body shaping

    Grades: 9-12


    Body-Shaping Plus

    This class emphasizes muscle toning, cardiovascular endurance, and weight-lifting. Students will participate in aqua aerobics, floor exercises, abdominal work, floor/step aerobics, stability and medicine ball exercises, and fitness machines. The track and athletic fields will be used for endurance type fitness.


    Course Objectives:

    1. To provide an array of activities for every student to be active and successful.
    2. To allow students to experience life-time fitness activities that will promote healthy behaviors.
    3. To develop positive social interaction with other students.
    4. To develop interest and the appreciation for fitness and activity.


    Grading Procedure:

    Cardiovascular Conditioning (Participation) 25%:  Participation in cardiovascular fitness activities will be evaluated on a daily basis.  Students will participate in aerobic activities everyday.

    Strength Conditioning (Participation) 25%:  Participation in strength conditioning activities will be evaluated 2-3 times a week.  Students will be in the weight room at least 2-3 times a week and also participate in other weightlifting activities.

    Weightlifting Charts 15%:  Students will keep an accurate account of their progress by recording their accomplishments on individual weightlifting charts. Scoring will be based on progress, accuracy, neatness, honesty, and performance.

    Preparation 25%:  Students are expected to be dressed for class everyday.  Failure to dress and participate will result in a 5-point deduction from your final grade. Students will be required to dress in acceptable physical education attire that is in accordance with the school dress code.

    Final Exam 10%

     All make-ups MUST be done within 2 weeks of absence.

    • All class make-ups will take place after school. Students should report no later than 2:15 and will spend a minimum of 40 minutes to make-up class.