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    S. Krall
    Grade 8/Physical Education/Health
    WELCOME to Health and Phys. Ed!!
    Here you will find information regarding PE/Health class for 8th grade, assignments, links, and other pertinent info. The 8th grade syllabus can be found by clicking the linked text below:
    The 8th grade homework link to check upcoming assignments in Health and ALL SUBJECTS is here:
    Supplies needed for health class: A folder for handouts, a notebook or loose leaf paper, your distributed health and wellness workbook (from Mr. Krall), and a pencil or pen. 
    8th grade health and physical education is combined for one half of the year. Of that time, 6 weeks is reserved for health class, while the other 12 weeks are for physical education class.
    Requirements for physical education are a Strath Haven Panther t-shirt, athletic shorts or athletic pants, socks, and sneakers. Panther t-shirts can be purchased at the school store located in the hallway between the gymnasium and the library, in the morning before students are dismissed to class. Each PE student is issued a gym locker for the year, which can be used to store their uniform, sneakers, deodorant, etc.