9th Grade

    Course 9765: Health and Physical Education I


    • Course Description - This course is required for all 9th grade students.  Health and Physical Education will alternate days for one full semester. The goal is to prepare students with the critical knowledge, skill, and incentives needed to grow into productive, healthy adults.


    Course Content-Health

    • First Aid and Fire Safety
    • Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness
    • Kinesiology and Bones and Muscles
    • Communicable Diseases
    • Heart Disease, Smoking, and Cancer
    • Alcohol


    Course Content-Physical Education

    • Cardiovascular Endurance Activities
    • Strength and Flexibility Exercises
    • Team Building
    • Physical Assessments
    • Fitness Activities
    • Aerobic Dance


    Grading Procedure

    Physical Education:                                           Health:

    40% Participation                                            20% Tests & Quizzes

    10% Physical Assessments                             20% Participation/Notebook

                                                                                                    10% Final

    Physical Education Expectations and Responsibilities:

    NON-PARTICIPATION: Not changing and/or not participating in class

    1) Out of School Suspension - The student is permitted to make up classes according to the make-up requirements.

    2) Parent/ Nurse Excuses: All parent/ nurse excuses from physical education MUST be made up unless a medical excuse is turned in or student leaves school early for the day due to the condition.

    3) Unexcused absence from school will constitute as a non-participation in physical education for each unexcused day. This may not be made up.

    4) Unprepared for class (does not dress/ participate). Students may not make up class.


    1) Medical Excuses:

    a) Written medical excuses from a physician DO NOT need to be made-up.

    b) Alternate activities can be prescribed to accommodate most medical conditions, with physician’s diagnosis. Please request a list of “CAN DO” activities from your doctor.

    c) It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to notify the physical education department of any pre-existing medical conditions that may render a student unable to participate or engage in vigorous physical activities.

    2) All excused absences need to be made up (includes field trips, doctor’s appointments, etc.)

    • Other Course Information

    • DRESS CODE Students will be required to dress in acceptable physical education attire that is in accordance with the school dress code.

    • Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Sneakers, black shorts, white or gray shirts

    PE Make-up Procedures:

    All make-ups MUST be done within the same marking period.

    • All PE class make-ups will take place after school.

    • Students should report no later than 2:15.

    • Students will spend a minimum of 40 minutes to make-up class.



    SHHS Conduct Policy Statement

    All members of the school community are expected to be respectful of each other. Negative comments about anyone’s race, nationality, religion, physical appearance or ability, intellectual capacity, gender identity, sexual orientation, work ethic, or character are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Students are encouraged to discuss any concerns with an adult in the building.