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    Dae Taylor, a junior at Strath Haven High School, began playing the saxophone in third grade, and for the last seven years he has studied classical saxophone under the instruction of Chief Musician Dana Booher, a saxophonist in the United States Navy Concert Band. Dae entered the Wallingford Swarthmore School District in seventh grade when his family moved to the area from northern Virginia. While his primary interest is classical saxophone, Dae enjoys participating in the wide variety of musical opportunities offered by WSSD, including playing in each of the numerous classical ensembles at the high school, the Panther Jazz Band and Saxophone Quartet, and the Panther Marching Band. Outside of school, Dae played with the Delaware County Youth Orchestra and Young Musician Orchestra, initiating the inclusion of the saxophone in these orchestras for the first time.  Additionally, he was the principal saxophonist of the Liberty Youth Wind Symphony at West Chester University this spring. Dae performed in the PMEA District 12, Regional, and All-State Bands in his sophomore and junior years and won a solo with the All-State Band in 2022. In addition, he was selected to perform a solo in the 2022 High School Honors Recital at the prestigious International Saxophone Symposium, which has been postponed to January 2023. This summer Dae will be attending the Saxophone Intensive course at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan as well as the Summer Saxophone Academy at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. 



    Pequeña Czarda…………………………………………..……………Pedro Iturralde (1929-2020)

    Dae Taylor, alto saxophone

    Cecelia Olszewski, piano

    Duet No. 3, Based on Sonata, K. 454……....……Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

    Edited by Himie Voxman (1912-2011)

    Dae Taylor, alto saxophone

    Dana Booher, alto saxophone

    Concerto for Alto Saxophone…….………………………………David Maslanka (1943-2017)

    Song: Fire in the Earth

    Dae Taylor, alto saxophone

    John Kline, piano



    Remarks and Acknowledgements


    Slick Class of 2024 and 2025 Presentations

    Ballade for Alto Saxophone and Band…………………………………Alfred Reed (1921-2005)


    The Carnival of Venice (op. posth.)…………..……..………Jules Demersseman (1833-1866)

    Arr. and edited by Frederick L. Hemke (1935-2019)

    Introduction and Variations



    “Pequeña Czarda” - Pedro Iturralde - Translating to “Little Czarda”, this piece by Spanish saxophonist and composer Pedro Iturralde  is based on a style of traditional Hungarian folk dance called czardas (also spelled csárdás), which is traditionally used as a courting dance. This style typically involves a slow, melodic section followed by a lively, fast section, and Iturralde incorporated that style into his piece. “Pequeña Czarda” was first introduced to me by my grandfather, and I chose it for this concert because of its dynamic shifts in energy and because of how fun and energetic it sounds.


    “Duet No. II” – Mozart -When I was first considering what I wanted to play in this recital I was thinking about who I would want to play with. The first person that came to my mind was my saxophone teacher, Dana Booher. Even though he lives three hours away, just outside of DC, he graciously agreed to accompany me this evening and we chose this duet to perform together.  I consider it a great honor to perform with this incredible musician this evening.


    “Concerto for Alto Saxophone”, Mvt. I. Song: “Fire in the Earth” - David Maslanka

    I first heard this piece in October of 2017, when my saxophone teacher emailed me a recording of it being played by Dr. Otis Murphy as an example of the use of a rich and expressive vibrato. I immediately fell in love with it, and it continues to be  one of my favorite pieces of music that I’ve ever listened to. The saxophone at certain times will blend completely into the background and will stand out starkly at others.  Its intricate melodies and beautiful textures combine and contrast to create an extremely moving piece of music. 

    Ballade for Alto Saxophone and Band - Alfred Reed - A slower, lyrical piece, “Ballade” is based around one central theme that is sustained throughout. As time goes on, this theme continuously develops, shifting in tone, color and intensity, but while still remaining similar to its other forms. I chose this piece because of its delicate solo phrases that float over the wind ensemble’s rich harmonic progressions in the background.

    Introduction and Variations on The Carnival of Venice (op. posth.) -Demersseman
    As the name suggests, this piece is comprised of an introductory segment followed by three variations on a similar theme, with each variation more difficult and complex than the last. I’ve been familiar with “The Carnival of Venice” ever since I first began to explore classical saxophone repertoire, and it was always a goal of mine to be able to play this challenging piece one day. I first learned it during the pandemic, and I am so excited to now be able to perform it in person with a wind ensemble this evening.


    SHHS Wind Ensemble
    Mr. Nicholas Pignataro, Conductor



    Allison Hubbell

    Avery Cavanagh


    Michael Langston


    Quinten Saylor

    Mr. Steven Fischer

    Madison Benzing


    Casper Stockman

    Alto Saxophone

    Sawyer Bock 

    Jacob Sherman 

    Noel Blanchette

    Tenor Saxophone

    Caitlin McManus


    Gavin John

    Ava Manaker


    Jessica Farhat 

    Mr. John Shankweiler


    Julia Knapp 

    Claire Lowry


    Grzegorz Guron


    Henry Stockman

    Henry Reacher 


    Nathan Sepinwall 



    Dr. George H. Slick for his devotion to and support of the arts in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District and for the foundation of the George H. Slick Fellowship and Grant.


    Mr. Henry Pearlberg, for being an incredibly dedicated music teacher and director of the WSSD Music Program, for his support ever since I joined this district and for his help in preparing for this recital.  


    Mr. Nicholas Pignataro, for his ceaseless enthusiasm and for all of the opportunities he has provided me to help me become a better musician. I’d also like to thank him for conducting this recital as well as for all of his work towards making it a reality.


    All of the faculty and staff of the WSSD music departments at SHMS and SHHS for their commitment to music education and for creating an environment in which musicians can thrive.


    Dr. Wagner Marseille, WSSD Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Greg Hilden, SHHS Principal, and the WSSD Board of School Directors for their support and appreciation of the arts.


    Chief  Musician Dana Booher,for being an incredible saxophone teacher who has taught me everything I know, and for being so much more: a mentor, a role-model, and a great advisor with everything I do in music. 


    My parents, Sarah Riseman and Charles Taylor, for all of their perpetual love, support and encouragement and their commitment to helping me pursue my passion. I’d also like to thank my dad, as a saxophonist himself, for introducing me to the saxophone and for sharing his passion for music with me.


    My sister, Kayla Taylor, for being my music buddy and for never getting tired of coming to see me perform.


    My grandfather, Don Chamberlayne, for the continuous support of me and my music, and for expanding my musical horizons over the years.


    My late grandmother, Linda Chamberlayne, who was always there for me and one of my biggest fans. I will miss playing Danny Boy for her, and I have her in my heart as I perform here tonight.


    Everyone in my extended family for their interest, encouragement, and support. I am so lucky to have you!


    Cece Olszewski, a George Slick Fellowship recipient of the Class of 2022, for working and performing with me on numerous audition projects and tonight’s performance.


    Ms. Kate Plows, for live-streaming this performance.


    Beth Noto for designing the beautiful flower arrangements.


    Kate Noto for her encouragement and all she has done for me leading up to this concert.


    All of the musicians accompanying me in the wind ensemble, for their time, effort, and talent It was a pleasure playing and making music with all of you!


    My friends, teachers, community, and everyone who has supported me through the years, including all of those who have come out to see the performance this evening!


    The George H. Slick Endowment  was created to honor Dr. George H. Slick, Superintendent of the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District from 1978 to 1996. A gifted, dedicated educator and administrator, Dr. Slick helped all those concerned with our schools to remember that they should always strive to act in the best interests of the Districts’ young people. He asserted firmly with words and actions that our treasured children are both our special responsibility and our nation’s future.  Although Dr. Slick was keenly interested in all aspects of school life, both curricular and extracurricular, he was always particularly interested in the arts, both visual and performing. This endowment, however, is not established with the intention of championing one part of the School Districts’ curricular life over all others. Rather, these awards aim to recognize the importance of the art and artists and the integral part they play in the lives of our students.


    The George Slick Fellowship and Grant Endowment Committee

    Henry Pearlberg, Jennifer Rodgers, John Shankweiler, Brad Hosbach,

    Scott Rodgers, Kate Plows, Regina Iannello, Nicholas Pignataro,

    Steven Fischer, Kristin Dunning, Dr. Greg Hilden

    Dr. George H. Slick, emeritus


    The George Slick Fellowship and Grant Endowment is supported through donations.  Please consider giving a donation to help us continue this program for future students.

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