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    Jeffrey Kahn
    9th grade Western Civilization & AP World History

    Class Schedule - Fall 2017
    1st          Western Civ CCP  
    2nd Planning  
    3rd Western Civ CP  
    4th Western Civ H  
     Mr. Kahn also coaches the Speech and Debate team, and you should join!
    When to find me:


    • Before school: Monday-Thursday, I am usually here before 7, but please give me until 7:15 to wake up unless you make an appointment.
    • 5th block: Monday and Friday are Speech and Debate days. This is a good day to make up tests, but a bad time for 1-on-1 help. Otherwise, I’m typically available (Tuesdays often have meetings). Make an appointment to be sure I’m available for you.
    • Note: lunch time is lunch time for me, too! I’m not available at lunch.


    Required Supplies - Western Civ (all levels)
    Students are required to have the following each day in class:
    • Pen AND pencil
    • History binder* – at least 1.5 inch with 5 dividers (binders are checked for a grade)
    • Pack of 100 index cards (standard size 3x5”; any color)
    • Lined paper [please, filler paper and not a notebook]
    • High expectations for yourself and our class! 

    *go for the sturdy binder with the rings on the back. it costs a little more, but the cheap ones will fall apart by the end of the semester!  

    Required Supplies - AP World History
    • Interest in learning all of world history - everything that happened to anyone at any time ever
    • Willingness to put in the work to do that in one semester!
    Accessing Moodle
    AP World: https://moodle.wssd.org/course/view.php?id=134
    Western Civ: https://moodle.wssd.org/course/view.php?id=110 
    Key info about the course, as well as all homework assignments and due dates and some class notes, will be on our course Moodle site. What you need is probably there! Log in (using your school login and password) at moodle.wssd.org. Parents have guest access with the code “guest”.