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    BrainPOP (3-8) and BrainPOP, Jr  (K-3)



    What is BrainPOP?BrainPop Jr

    Founded in 1999, BrainPOP creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. In traditional, blended, and "flipped" learning settings, BrainPOP supports individual, team, and whole-class learning. At school and in informal learning environments, our characters help introduce new topics and illustrate complex concepts. (Courtesy of Brain POP website, click to read About Us.)

    Why use BrainPop with students?

    BrainPOP engages students by explaining concepts in animated skits that kids find enjoyable and easy to understand. Introduce a new lesson, explain a difficult concept, or measure student comprehension - these are just some of the ways you can use Brain POP in a lesson.
    BrainPOP                                     BrainPOP Jr

    How can I get started with BrainPop?
    There are many ways to get started with BrainPop. First, find your school's login code in the technology folder on the U drive. Then, click on a link below to learn more:

    Brain Pop Characters


    BrainPOP Educators

    BrainPOP Educators is a collection of tips, tools, and resources to inspire and support teachers, parents, tutors, and everyone else who educates young people. Found at www.brainpop.com.educators/community, it features a blog that announces new BrainPOP features, hosts guest bloggers, and follows current events from the world of educational technology. On BrainPOP Educators you‘ll find resources including lesson plans, calendars of events, and creative suggestions for using BrainPOP in the classroom.

    BrainPOP Educators  
    My BrainPOP

    My BrainPOP lets students and teachers keep track of learning. Teachers invite their students to join "classes" they've set up on My BrainPOP. From there, they can create custom quizzes with the Mixer™, correct quizzes, comment on activities, and more. Students can see a history of the movies they’ve watched and activities they've tackled. Additionally, a selection of GameUp titles offers a "snapshot" tool so players can capture and reflect on key points.



    My BrainPOP is available to BrainPOP Educators with 24/7 district- or schoolwide subscriptions. Check the U drive for your school’s log in information My BrainPOP educator codes in the Technology Resources folder.