• Student Engagement

  • In addition to recognizing students for their efforts in demonstrating and upholding the tenets of Panther Pride, student engagement occurs in a variety of other ways. Several student engagement groups exist to allow students' voice, choice, and support for Panther Pride.

    The Panther Pride student committee and the Panther Pawsitivity club are two groups that have established ways to help run the systems of Panther Pride, or have dedicated time and resources to generating ideas and fun ways to make our school a more fun and rewarding place to be. Other groups, like the Multimedia club, have worked in consultation with the PBIS coaches, staff, administrators, and other student clubs, to support sharing information about and publicizing Panther Pride.

    Student Lounge

    The Panther Pawsitivity club has worked so hard in the 2021-2022 school year to revamp the student lounge! The student lounge is a supervised place where students can spend time during lunches if they are recognized as students that have demonstrated one of the tenets of Panther Pride and were a monthly winner of a Panther Pride raffle drawing. A lot of work has gone into designing, painting, hanging lights, and soliciting donations to support the student lounge. If you have some ideas to make it better, join the Panther Pawsitivity club and share your thoughts!