• Student Recognition

  • One of the main points of focus of any PBIS program is student recognition. Behavioral research has shown that when positive behaviors are recognized at a rate of 4 to 1 versus negative behaviors, it provides the ideal praise-to-criticism ratio for students (1).

    Panther Pride aims to seek opportunities for teachers to recognize and reward positive student behaviors with Panther Paw tickets. These tickets are labeled and given to the student with explicit verbal reinforcement of the observed behavior. The students can then collect and turn in tickets for biweekly raffles that winners are drawn from for prizes and rewards. Tangible items like gift cards of small amounts and Haven spirit wear are available, as well as experiences like utilizing the student lounge with friends and peers or having lunch with the principal.

    Panther Pride also seeks to recognize our students for their work and perseverance in the classroom. Our student of the month program, now with the moniker of the Panthers of the Month, names 4 students in each grade every month after feedback and collaborative discussion occurs among the grade level teaching staff. The students are treated to a special monthly breakfast with the principals and counselors, are given an award certificate, and have their photo posted in the main hallway foyer outside the library. The message of their work, leadership, and modeling for other students is reinforced and celebrated at this special event.




    (1) PBIS Rewards "How Do I Give Positive Reinforcement?"