• The Environment, 2008

    Paul Downie and the 5th Grade Class

    Acrylic on facing fabric, wall mounted

    Project Description

    Murals have many purposes. They can tell a story, represent a theme, or pay tribute to a person, place or event. This project, led by mural artist Paul Downie, represents the theme of the environment. Paul met with the students of the 5th grade class and asked them to write and create drawings about what the environment means to them. He studied these writings and drawings and discovered that three main concepts repeatedly surfaced:  clean water, nature and recycling/clean-up. Weaving these concepts together, Paul unveiled a stunning design depicting the SRS class of 2008’s vision of the environment.

    The mural is installed in the two-story stairwell opposite the entrance to the school’s auditorium.
    Project Chair:  Sally Paynter

    About the Artist 

    Paul Downie holds a MEd from the Tyler School Art, having received his BA from Temple University.  An accomplished visual artist and musician,  Paul is currently an Adjunct Instructor at the Tyler School of Art and a Lead Artist with the Community Murals Program of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.   Paul will assume the position of Program Director for the Community Arts Center in Wallingford starting in the fall of 2010.