• Fly Away, 1999

    Brian Meunier

    Clay, acrylic paint, enamel painted wood

    Project Description

    Fly Away Birds of a feather We will always fly together We are robins, We are blue jays, We are hummingbirds, warblers, and doves. We are eagles, Searing high in the sky. We all fly together At different heights, And in different ways. Some of us walk, And some of us hop. Some sing, And some cry. Some even crow, From deep down inside. We are red, blue, brown, white, black, yellow, and green. And we will all fly together. We are curious, About the skies beyond. The new branches and trees, The bushes and leaves. We will open our wings, and take flight. Yet we know that this nest, Is where we learned to fly, And it will always be home. We are birds of a feather, We will always fly together.
    Written by Mallory Shelter, Class of 1999

    About the Artist 

    Philadelphia area artist Brian Meunier creates clay sculptures that join recognizable objects in unexpected combinations. Often vertical in stature, the sculptures typically feature elements stacked atop one another, such as two large hornets standing on an Ionic columnar base or a tortoise carrying an antiquated tank-like submersible on its shell. It’s as if Meunier is tinkering with nature, re-creating and transforming animals into evocative mythical creatures that are part nature and part man-made. The pairings are whimsical although mysterious, surreal, and unexplainable in their origin. Meunier’s sculptures are a journey of the imagination and aptly titled after a 13th-century cosmography written by the Persian physician Qazwini. It is this sense of wonderment and reverie for all things considered that inspires Meunier’s artwork as well as creates an engaging experience for the viewer.