• Discovery Education

    What is Discovery Education Streaming?

    Discovery Education is a online digital media library service that brings thousands of video, image, and audio resources directly to your computer. Learn more ...

    How can Discovery Education Streaming work for you in the classroom?

    Teachers have access to online assessments and classroom tools, along with free lesson plans and materials to quickly create engaging virtual experiences for students. Stream a video or create an entire online activity using the Builder Tools. Teachers can even create classes to create, manage, and record regular online assessments with Assessment Tool and individual activities for enrichment or remediation.

    How can Discovery Education help students and parents?

    As a part of the Discovery Education's free services, students have access to homework help videos, math tutorials, literacy materials, and many other resources. When logged in, students can search and use much of the same content as teachers through the Student Center.




    Tools and Features

    • My Content - This global feature allows you to collect, organize, share and retrieve your favorite Discovery Education streaming media resources, assignments, quizzes, writing prompts, and more in one convenient place. Located in the dark grey navigation bar at the top of the screen, “My Content” is accessible from anywhere on the site.  

      My Content

    • My Builder Tools  - This collection of tools allows a teacher to create interactive assignments and assessment completely online using the media assets available in Discovery Education.  

      Click on Builder Tools tab to access


    Quiz Builder - allows you to create online assessments that you can use to test student comprehension or survey prior knowledge. You can search pre-made quizzes in the Quiz Library, choose individual questions from the Quiz Builder databank, or create your own questions.

    Click to download Quiz Builder User Guide

    Example Quiz

    Assignment Builder - is a versatile resource that helps you build online activities and web-based projects that are stored on the Discovery Education streaming servers. You can use this tool to create student assignments that integrate a variety of digital media types. Students access assignments through the Student Center.
    Example DE Assignment
    Writing Prompt Builder - Stimulate the writing process in your classroom with thousands of images that are ready-made for declarative persuasive, narrative, and expository writing exercises. You can search the Writing Prompt Library for image accompanied by suggested text or create your own writing prompts with the help of the Writing Prompt Builder.

    Writing Prompts

    • Classroom Manager - a tool to help you manage your classrooms and students.
      Create, modify, view and delete classes and students all in one place.

      Classroom Manager

      • Click here to view video tutorials on managing classes and students

    • Assessment Manager - View all of your assignments and results by class, students and code/URL.

      Assignment Manager