• Mathematics Department Course Placement Criteria and Procedures

  • Flexible grouping for mathematics in the WSSD has provided our elementary students the opportunity to work with students of similar ability and readiness so that they can grow at a pace appropriate to their developmental needs. The elementary math groupings range from Enriched classes to classes appropriate to the needs of our Emerging Skills students.

    During the month of April, the Math Data Review Team will begin to collect information from the 5th grade teachers to decide the best placement of the elementary students as they enter our 6th grade math program. The 6th grade math program offers four levels of math instruction: Accelerated Math 6/7, Enriched Math 6, Math 6 (on grade level), and Transition Math 6. Fifth grade students working at the enriched or on grade levels are given the opportunity to move to the Accelerated or Enriched levels using the criteria listed below. Students working at the Emerging Skills level will be selected individually for either Math 6 or Transition Math 6 after consulting with the Math Data Review Team.

    In late April, the District Placement Test will be administered at each of the three elementary schools. Any 5th grade student may take the test; however, students currently in the Enriched math level will automatically take the test.

    Taking the District Placement Test is a requirement for any student under consideration for placement in an Accelerated or Enriched mathematics course in 6th grade. Results of the placement test will become part of the student’s score portfolio for placement evaluation. Final placements will be made in May and communicated to parents through course verifications mailed by the end of the school year. Information on the SHMS mathematics levels can be found on the Strath Haven Middle School and Curriculum and Education webpages at www.wssd.org. A Strath Haven Middle School mathematics flowchart has also been provided on the reverse side of this page. 

    Questions can be directed to the SHMS Mathematics Department Chairs, Cheryl Atkinson - catkinson@wssd.org and Lynn Bowers - lbowers@wssd.org.

Grade 5 to Grade 6

  • To be placed from Math 5 into Accelerated 6/7, students must meet the following three criteria:

  • To be placed from Math 5 into Enriched Math 6 students must meet the following three criteria: