Red Ribbon Week: October 28-November 1

SRS celebrated The National Family Partnership’s Red Ribbon Campaign.  This partnership provides drug awareness education through an annual celebration called Red Ribbon Week.  Our theme this year was “Our School Rocks, Bully and Drug Free”. SRS joined the celebration by having each student pledge to make healthy life choices, showing our spirit for the cause with themed spirit days, as well as by participating in a raffle with Red Ribbon-themed prizes.  The spirit days included:

red ribbon  






Monday: Red-y to be Drug and Bully-Free Day



Students wore red to school along with their special ribbons




Tuesday:  Don’t Let Drugs Sneak up on You Day



Everyone wore sneakers




Wednesday: Sock it to Drugs Day



Children and staff members wore crazy or mismatched socks to school




Thursday:  Say “BOO” to Drugs Day



Students participated in the Halloween parade




Friday:  Follow Your Dreams…Don’t Bully and Say No to Drugs Day



Students enjoyed wearing pajamas to school




Red Ribbon Week is a wonderful opportunity to speak with your children about the importance of making good choices. For more information about Red Ribbon Week you can visit their website at