JDRF Sneaker Sale Raises over $5700

On Friday, September 27th, Katie Freind, a representative from JDRF came to SRS and gave a presentation during an assembly for all SRS students.  Katie explained what type 1 diabetes is, and how it differs from the more commonly known type 2 diabetes.  SRS students with type 1 diabetes spoke at the assembly about how their life is affected by the disease on a daily basis.  For three weeks following the assembly, students had the opportunity to "sell" JDRF sneakers to support research toward better treatments and a cure.  On Friday, October 18th, the students had a walk on school grounds.

The students at SRS rallied behind the cause and raised over $5,700 Each class that raised over $100 was entered into a raffle for a class breakfast, and the winning classroom was Mrs. Peterson's first grade class.  The funds that the students worked so hard to raise will go toward research toward better treatments, and ultimately, a cure, for type 1 diabetes.  The support shown to SRS families who are affected by type 1 diabetes was phenomenal, and we are so proud of the SRS community!