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First Quarter Student Awards

Congratulations to the SHHS students who were recognized by their teachers for their positive energy and positive attitude. Students received their certficate in a small ceremony on November 5th and heard what their teachers wrote about why they were selected. 

(Not everyone is pictured.)

9th Grade
Cate Whitehead, Javon Barrett, Mia Sewell, Maryella Gill, Mali Rao, Sofia Croisant, Josiah Robinson Leary, Keira Rydel, Ivan Li, Kieran Smalley, Miyonna Savoy-Harper, Jake Smith, Cole Hanna, Sebastian Reed, Davis Fairbanks, Quinn Jarvis
9th Grade Award Winners_2021 Q1
10th Grade
Liang He, Talia Rittenhouse, Gabe Broome, Sophia Hoppe, Avery Staley-Bischoff, Olivia Bradford, Jonathan Cosme
SHHS Award Winners_Q1 Sophomore
11th Grade
Anjali Robinson-Leary, Julia Steere, Alexa Brown, Kahseam Clayton, Andrew (David) Reilly, James Childers, Nora Chen, Aissata Kone
SHHS Student Awards Q1_Juniors
12th Grade
Bobby Campbell, Charlie Shankweiler, Rose Henry, Dominic Stevenson, Robert (Bobby) Campbell, Natalie Smith, Isabella Cooper, Allie Vacarro, Andrei Gustafson, James (Jimmi) Jordan, Izzy Cooper, Charlie Shankweiler, Jada Oguntomi, Mason Hall. Anna Falk, Venere Troccoli dos Santos, Mateo Malo
SHHS Student Awards 2021 Q1_Seniors