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Read about Ten Graduates:From High School till now...

                           Patience Jones Scott - Class of 1992 (Division One Full Scholarship Athlete, Youth Minister & 3rd. Grade Teacher)

                           Robin Michener Nathan - Class of 2000 (Award winning Photojournalist)

                           Dr. Sarah Godwin - Class of 2001 (Navy Lieutenant, Primary Care Doctor to US Congress & Supreme Court)

                           Shannon Grassano Austin - Class of 2002 (Accomplished Musician & 2nd. Grade Teacher)

                           Dr. Megan Crowley - Class of 2010 (Physical Therapist)

                           Megan Floyd - Class of 2011 (Producer at World Wrestling Entertainment)

                           Renee Tallman - Class of 2012 (Occupational Therapist)

                           Deanna Nanni - Class of 2013 (Research Analyst & Planner with Comcast)

                           Heather Treston - Class of 2013 (Commercial Production & Television Series Camera Assistant)

                           Kaitlin Graham - Class of 2015 (Mechanical Engineering Major specializing in assistive Robotics)