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Talking To Your Children About COVID

Talking to kids about Covid 19


Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus by Rachel Ehmke


Good tips from NASP


PBS comic covid19 conversation for kids:

How to talk to your anxious child or teen about Coronavirus by Richa Bhatia, MD, FAPA


PBS video “Federal Burau of Ick” teaches kids to wash hands and fight germs in general



Educational Resources, Things to Do with Kids:

WHYY/PBS Educational Resources, lesson plans, videos, etc. for all ages

(Lots of free resources. Also lesson plans for a fee)


Moe Willems Lunch Doodles-Piggie and Gerald, etc. books for kids. Moe shows kids how to draw-You Tube videos



For Us (teachers, parents…)--Managing Anxiety:


From childmind website (Stephanie Clarke sent this) 


COVID-19 Lockdown Guide- How to manage Anxiety and Isolation during Quarantine by Dr. Aarti Gupta, PsyD


Martin Seligman-managing stress


Yale Webinars


Yale Happiness course (This is the favorite course on campus. Free on line


Harvard Business Review-It’s Grief you’re feeling-6th stage=finding meaning. This is a good read.




You can volunteer to help in various ways around the neighborhood at or you can call 484-362-1322.  Done!


Fun Stuff to Do (For Us):

 Fun things to do amid closures-Inquirer by Grace Dickinson


More fun things to do:


Sam Morril comedian Comedy Central



See email 3/24/2020 with “Theater 5” and links to music and streaming

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