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WSSD Celebrates Black History Month

In every generation, Black Americans have been a critical part of shaping our American history. Representing resilience, bravery, strength and progress, black Americans have had a significant impact in many areas such as Science, Art, Music, Literature, and enterprise. The contributions to our country and the world as well as the injustices that have impacted Black Americans are important areas of study and action. 

In the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District, our schools actively engage in the celebration of Black Americans' contributions and their ongoing adversity. Slavery in America and the Civil War are taught in 8th grade with a continuation of the plight and fight for justice of Black Americans in 9th grade in the Civil Rights units of study. 

Black History month learning and celebrations are listed below by school:


The theme of this year's Black History Month Assembly was "We Strive, We Thrive." Strath Haven's Young Activists Coalition (YAC) organised an assembly which was centered around artistic expression and passion, as well as mental health and wellness. Students highlighted these themes through music, dance, and poetry, as well as a short presentation on black health and wellness. The assembly concluded with a short video featuring interviews of Strath Haven students and how they express their artistic passion.
Here is a link to the slideshow presentation.