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Important Information for Band Members

Hello Everyone,
In order to make Friday evening a success and an enjoyable experience for all of our middle school band musicians and their families, here are some important details for the evening.
Performance is at 6:30 pm - pregame performance on King Field. We will be playing two pieces with the high school band on the field. The game starts at 7:00 pm.
Students need to report to the blacktop area behind the middle school at 5:45 pm. They will need to have with them: instrument, music, band night t-shirt, a folding music stand ( if they have one). They may wear shorts or comfortable long pants ( jeans are fine), and sneakers. No flip flops or sandles please.
I will be passing out the band night t-shirts to all that ordered on Friday during school.
8th grade band - before school during band rehearsal
6th grade band members - during lunch. I will come to the cafeteria to distribute them.
Students will store their instrument cases on the tables outside of the middle school cafeteria during the performance. Following the performance at about 6:45 pm, students will file back to the tables to put away their instruments.
I have told the students to make arrangements with you for what they will do following the performance. After we perform, they will no longer be under my supervision. Please have a plan to where and when you will meet them. It will be very crowded at this game.
If students are staying to watch the game, they may TEMPORARILY put their instruments in the cafeteria. They MUST come back to pick up their instrument either at the end of halftime or immediately at the end of the game. I WILL STOP BY THE CAFETERIA BOTH OF THOSE TIMES TO OPEN THE DOOR TO THE CAFETERIA. Otherwise I will be with the high school band during the game and halftime.
Admission To The Game
All of our student performers will be allowed to stay for the game for free, as well as our parent volunteers who will be helping with the students before and during our performance.
Everyone else must purchase a ticket to the game to come. Tickets are $5.00 each
The students sounded great at the rehearsal on Monday night and they are very excited for Friday night!!
Looking forward to Friday.
Henry Pearlberg (he/him)
Instrumental and Classroom Music
Strath Haven Middle School
Chairperson, WSSD Music Department
(610) 892-3470; 7136