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Community Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Families and Staff,

I want to follow up with you regarding my communication yesterday about the racist graffiti at Wallingford Elementary School. I have been in communication with Mr. Savage, the Nether Providence chief of police, and other administrators who have been gathering additional information as this continues to be an active investigation. 

I have received a number of news inquiries regarding this incident which has already made its way to multiple outlets. I want to remind you not to let this story define who we are. There are attempts to connect this incident to others in the past. I cannot speak for the past, but can only forge a new direction forward.

I do not believe that this incident reflects who we are as a community. I was offended by that word, a word that is not new to me. I forgive the individual or individuals who wrote that. At the conclusion of our investigation, we hope to find whoever was responsible because the real story here is not the use of a racial epithet. It is what was in the mind and in the heart of whoever wrote it. That is what we need to focus on together, so that we can better support that individual or individuals so they may better understand their impact on our community.

Our responses and long-term actions are what will help us write the next chapter moving forward. We will continue to exemplify our belief in being respectful, being responsible, and being safe. Let’s continue to live up to those ideals, and, at the same time, strive to better ourselves as a community. 


Wagner Marseille, Ed.D.