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WSSD Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Student Design Contest

Students in grades K-12 in WSSD are invited to participate in a contest to create a logo and/or catchphrase to help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools and community. The DEI Action Committee is excited to have student representatives on the committee and is looking for more ways to involve student voices. We would love to hear from our talented artists, writers, designers, and visionaries. 

The winning creations will be used District-wide to help promote the values, mission, and goals of the DEI committee and WSSD. They will be featured on the District website and in other ways, and the winners in each category will also receive a prize.

  • Logo - a design, drawing, or image that can inspire our community and will be recognizable as a symbol of DEI in our District and community.
  • Catchphase - a tagline, sentence, or phrase that can complement the logo 

Read more and submit your entries here by Friday, April 9th.