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WSSD Info: Yesterday's Events

January 7, 2021

Dear WSSD Community:

Yesterday’s events shook the very foundations of our democracy and the tenets for which our nation stands. I am deeply troubled about the added uncertainty and trauma that this may create for our students at this unprecedented time in our history.

The chaos that erupted inside the U.S. Capitol building occurs at the time when our students and their families are already grappling with the educational, economic, and health impacts of COVID-19. This global pandemic has separated us from one another in many different ways at a time when we desperately need to come together. And it occurs at a time when our country is marked by deep political and racial divisions.

Despite these many challenges, we continue to address the academic, social, and emotional learning needs of all of our students. We are steadfast in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion on behalf of every student we serve.

I ask for your help in continuing to support our District in creating a safe and inclusive space for children to ask questions, build and display empathy in their interactions with others, and develop a diversity of opinions and perspectives about our community, our nation, and our world.  

To support you, I share a resource from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) for parents and teachers to refer to when helping children process these events. The link to the NASP website is: 

At this time of confusion and uncertainty, please know that our counselors, educators, staff, and administrators are here to support your children in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s school directly or to me individually with your questions or concerns. We want you to know that we are here to help.


Dr. Lisa Palmer, Superintendent
Wallingford-Swarthmore School District