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Strath Haven HS Sports Spectator Policy

October 19, 2020

Good morning,

We are excited to be officially underway for all our fall sports, with most of our teams beginning regular season contests this past Saturday!

As it will be difficult for many of our fans to attend games this year, we intend to provide a live video stream for all contests held in the stadium and gymnasium this fall. Family and friends can access these webcasts our new YouTube channel:

In addition, we are revisiting our spectator policy based on our experiences from the first weekend. 

  • We will not be checking for spectator passes at any JV or Freshmen contests
  • We will accept ALL visiting spectator passes (not limiting to Seniors) at our home games
  • We will attempt to add home spectator passes for sports with smaller roster sizes and we have the capacity to add more spectators. Those passes will be distributed to players by their coach as they become available.
  • All spectators must wear masks at all times on campus and must maintain six feet social distance from other spectators outside their family.

Each school in the Central Athletic League has the authority to set their own spectator policy, so these changes are not reflective of other schools in our league. I will share the spectator policies of each school we face with coaches as we progress through the season.

Thank you for your continued support of our student-athletes!


Pat Clancy

Strath Haven HS Athletic Director


October 14, 2020

Good evening,

On October 6th, Governor Wolf updated state guidance for maximum capacity at public gatherings, including interscholastic sports. This change allowed us to welcome more spectators than anticipated under previous limitations, but we still limit admission to contests to safely accommodate fans and comply with the new guidance.

All athletes participating on our high school's cheerleading, field hockey, football, soccer, tennis, and volleyball teams at the varsity and JV level will receive two (2) season passes designated for that sport. Each pass will admit one person to home contests for that sport.

Passes issued to senior participants (12th grade) will have a “SENIOR” designation on them, which will admit one person to away contests in the Central League. 

Due to capacity restrictions, we can only accommodate 20% of our marching band and band front (maximum 80 students) for our home football games. We will provide two spectator tickets for each band member performing as well. Our band will not be traveling to away football games this season.

Spectator Notes:

  • At home contests, we will only allow Strath Haven participant passes (designated by sport) and senior participant passes from visiting teams
  • When Strath Haven travels, Central League schools will only admit Strath Haven spectators with senior participant passes
  • Pass holders admitted to Strath Haven home contests will not be charged admission this fall
  • Strath Haven senior participant pass holders may be required to pay an admission fee for evening events held at other schools
  • Tickets will not be available to the general public this fall
  • All spectators must mask at all times
  • All spectators must maintain a six foot distance from anyone outside their family.
  • There will be no concessions/food sales at games this fall
  • Restrooms will be available at the stadium and gymnasium for spectators

While we will miss many of our longtime fans and extended family in the stadium and the gym this fall, we anticipate providing video broadcasts for several of our teams this fall. More information will come as we finalize details.

Thank you for your continued support of our students at Strath Haven High School!


Pat Clancy

Strath Haven High School Athletic Director