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Ten Stories by SHHS Alumni

On December 13th, ten of Mr. Zimmerman's former students are returning to Strath Haven to share about their journeys after leaving high school. They will be in the auditorium during 4th block for a question-and-answer session followed by one-on-one time in the library. This will be the first of a series of events bringing Haven alumni back to share their stories with current students.

Ten Stories Alumni


Patience Jones Scott – 1992 – Division One full Scholarship Athlete, Youth Minister, 3rd Grade Teacher


Robin Michener Nathan – 2000 – Award winning Photojournalist, Marketing Consultant, International Wedding and Portrait business


Dr. Sarah Godwin – 2001 – Navy Lieutenant, Primary Care Doctor to US Congress and US Supreme Court, Internal Medicine Specialist, Author, Adjunct Professor


Shannon Grassano Austin – 2002 – Accomplished Musician, 2nd Grade Teacher, Photographer, Business consultant


Dr. Megan Crowley – 2010 – Varsity Athlete, Taylor Foundation Scholar, Physical Therapist, Special interest in Geriatrics and Fall Prevention


Megan Floyd – 2011 – Nationally Ranked Fencing Champion, Producer at World Wrestling Entertainment, Content Writer, Motion Graphics Specialist


Renee Tallman – 2012 – Occupational Therapist, Multiple Scholarship Winner, Teaching Assistant, National Occupational Therapy Presenter


Deanna Nanni – 2013 – Varsity Athlete, Intern at the Academy of Country Music, Media Planner, Research Analyst and Planner with Comcast


Heather Treston – 2013 – Production Assistant, Commercial Production and Television Series Camera Assistant, Independent Film Producer


Kaitlin Graham – 2015 – Taylor Foundation Scholar, Mechanical Engineering Major specializing in assistive robotics, Junior year student at University of Glasgow, Pennsylvania EMT, Baltimore County, Maryland EMT