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DCIU STEM Design Challenge

On Monday, March 20, students from NPE, SRS, and WES competed in the DCIU STEM Design Challenge sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific. The event took place at Strath Haven Middle School, and there were over 110 teams throughout Delaware County competing at the elementary and middle school levels.


The students were given a challenge and had two hours to build an environmentally friendly “green” amusement park ride using K’nex building pieces. Each team had to:
*Create a "green" eco-friendly amusement park ride
*Demonstrate research
*Create blueprint sketches
*Keep a log/journal to record the use of the Engineering Design process
*Make a presentation to a panel of judges



Congratulations to the all of the students for their creativity, hard work, and determination- they put many hours of preparation into this event!


Swarthmore-Rutledge School


Joe Lynch, Evan Yavor, Caeli Rieger, Anna Benner, Arnie Berger, Emil Hartung, Eden Stolar , Gabriel Ball, Audrey Stevens, Dexter Braun, Max Kikkawa, Samantha Edwards



Congrats to the SRS Team, the Evergreens, who took home the 2nd place prize for the elementary division! The team included Matthew Lund, Andrew Deppen, Amanda Anckaitis, and Jillian Surkis.


Nether Providence Elementary


Anya Agha, Cassidy DiRemigio, Maya Fedele, Michael Flanigan, Greg Guron, Cecily Heisey-Terrell, Olivia Heisey-Terrell, Paige Katsapis, George King, Elyse Linzey, Luke Malacwezski, Cooper Murley, Jady Scanlon, Christina Si, Kaia Smith, Riley Smith, Alexander Thornton, Olivia Voshell, Eli Williams, Michael Yao


Mr. Mendell shared, “I had a total of 5 teams and 20 students competing at the STEM Challenge.  My kids used a design process that focused on teaching about a topic of environmental importance.  My 5 teams's themes were: Global Warming;  Bees;  Composting/Recycling; Life Cycle of a Butterfly; and Amazon Rainforest Deforestation. The kids used their topics as a focus and inspiration for their designs. We didn't win any prizes this year, but I still think they did a great job!”


Wallingford Elementary School


Team 1: Noah Connell, Joe Orye, Hudson Miller, Ian Cheshire, Reed Hyzer

Their ride was called the "Wind Rider”, and it won Best Blueprint Elementary Division.


Team 2: Annie Dignazio, Ryan Killeen, Luke Averill, and Luke Felton.


Great job to all of our WSSD participants!