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WSSD: A Proud Community

The Strath Haven High School Marching Band played to a full house during the halftime of the Philadelphia Eagles - Washington Redskins game on Sunday, September 21st. 
The outpouring of support and good wishes on social media from our community has been amazing. There were parents and family members at the game who took photos and videos of the band's performance. Band members tweeted photos chronicling their adventure. And family, friends, fellow students, parents from throughout the district, and people in our community, helped fuel the excitement and energy about this experience. This is the first time in the Strath Haven's history that the marching band performed at an NFL game, as high school band performances are very rare.
Their performance was outstanding. Thank you to all of the marching band leaders and teachers who helped our students to perform at their best. Great job to all involved! Thank you to the Philadelphia Eagles organization for inviting Strath Haven to participate.
Oh, and by the way, the Eagles won, 37-34! 
On Monday, September 15th, the band practiced at Lincoln Financial Field. 
SHHS Marching Band  
To see more photos from their rehearsal and down on the field during their performance, please check out SHHS sophomore Sarah Scarborough's Facebook page. This page highlights her photography.