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Frannie Reilly Receives Community Service Award

Frannie Reilly, the president of the Foundation for Wallingford-Swarthmore Schools, received the Swarthmore Rotary Club’s Community Service Award for 2014-2015. Since joining the Foundation in 2010, Frannie has had a tremendous impact on our community. With a professional background in law, she has taken the lead in filing all legal paperwork, establishing a vision, organizing essential committees, and chairing meetings and events. Under her leadership, the Foundation has raised and donated over $87,000 in funds to support excellence and innovation in our schools through teacher, school, and district grants. Additionally, she positioned the Foundation to be a critically important sponsor and partner to the successful TeamUp4Turf campaign. Frannie Reilly is an unselfish, extraordinary volunteer and leader in our community, and we greatly appreciate the recognition that this honor brings her. 
 Frannie Reilly - Community Service Award
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