• iPads: Shared Carts
    In each elementary building and at the high school, there area iPad carts of 28-30 iPads that are shared by grade level, department, or some other scenario. This iPads are managed globally by a MacBook and Apple Configurator by the building TSS.

    In most cases, these iPads are best when used with an entire class using apps for enrichment/practice or special projects. Since the iPad is designed more for personal use, sharing the iPads can have it's challenges. Here are few recommendations:
    Recommendations for Teachers
    Recommendations for Students
    Students should only use the iPad that has been assigned to them by their teacher – for the duration of the use of the iPad cart. * This will increase student ownership and therefore accountability of the device. It also helps with managed student content saved to the device.Teachers should assign an iPad to each student to be used daily for the school year.
    Students should return their iPads into the designated cart slots at the end of each period.Teachers should talk to students about being courteous to their fellow students with whom the device is being shared (conceivably there could be 8 or 9 students sharing the same device). For example, students should not be changing the wallpaper image as it’s hard to know who could be offended.
    Students should NEVER log into the iPads with a personal Apple ID from home. Continuously reiterate that students should be aware that their personal content stored on the iPad could be viewed, modified, or deleted by other students.
    Students should NEVER add their school or personal email accounts to the iPads.  
    Teachers, please be sure to LOCK up the iPad cart and that all iPads have been safely returned to their designated cart slot.
    Students should not move or delete any apps on the iPad. 
    Students should not change the settings on their iPads or download new updates. Any changes may send an alert to the Technology department.
    For any app or website that requires students to log-in, they should LOG OUT after use.

    Types of iPad apps - This document explains that different types of apps you will find in the App Store and if they can be installed on our iPads. One-to-one users have no limitations, but should be mindful of the variances when evaluating apps. 
    Finding and Evaluating Apps -  Check out this link for details on what to look for when considering a new app. You'll also find several websites that have already reviewed and tested making it easier for you to find the best recommendations. 
    iPad App Request Form - Use this form to submit a request to your principals for PAID APPS ONLY. One-to-one users can a manage free apps on their own.  
    Completing the iPad App Request Form - This document provides a simple explaination on how to correctly fill out the iPad App request form. 
    Mirroring Your iPad with Reflector - This document will explain how to project or mirror your activities on an iPad to your students. 
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    Tips for Using iPads in the Classroom
    Here's a few tips, then click the links to learn more:
    • Virtual Field Trips
    • Record/Publish/Share Lessons
    • Use classroom tools for behavior management 
    • Make ebooks and movies 
    Using iPads with Special Needs Students
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