• ClassLink/LaunchPad

    What is ClassLink/LaunchPad?

    ClassLink/LaunchPad is a secure cloud storage solution, virtual desktop, and closed Learning Management System all faculty (K-12) and students (grades 3-12). Via 5GB of cloud storage as well as seamless access to their school network via ClassLink/LaunchPad teachers and students will have access to their school network (P: Drive) from any device with an Internet connection, both on and off campus. 

    ClassLink virtual desktop screen shot  

    Request an account

    For teachers:
    ClassLink accounts are available at anytime for students and faculty. It can take up to 7 days for an account to be activated. To request an account click the link below, complete the online form, and submit. 

    For students: A ClassLink form was a part of the "digital summer packet" for each school. Student can still complete the form with their parents via the Parent/Student Portal. We will notify students by providing a list to their homeroom or 1st block teachers (SHHS) when their account is active.  Click here to visit the student ClassLink web page. 
    WSSD ClassLink Login Screen
    If a student does not have an account, you can register via the parent/student portal. Student AND parent signature are required.
    NOTE: It could take up to 7 days for an account to be activated once this form is signed and submitted. You will be notified by your homeroom or 1st block teacher (SHHS) when your account is active. 

    What's included?

    ClassLink LaunchPad consists of three separate instructional tool: My Apps, My Files, and My Classes.
    My Apps

    When you first log in to LaunchPad, you will see your virtual cloud destkop. This gives you instant access to resources provided by the school district with a single sign-on for services like Discovery Education and BrainPOP (which means after you login for the first time, the system will no longer ask for your login information). This means you are automatically signed in when you launch the app from your desktop. You can customize this feature with web links from the Resource Library.
    ClassLink Virtual Desktop  

    My Files

    My Files is the place where you can access 5 GB of cloud storage and your district P: Drive to store your documents and files. This is where you can edit documents online or on your computer. This is where you can search, copy, and move files from and to anywhere on any devices. 

    ClassLink Files   
    My Classes

    My Classes is the place where teachers can provide online class experience for students to collaborate and share resources. Instructional tools and features include discussions, calendars, dropboxes, cloud storage, virtual notebooks, assignments, online interactive whiteboards, and more.
    ClassLink Discussions  

    Mobile Devices

    The ClassLink LaunchPad app is currently available for all Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.) for iOS5 and up. 
    ClassLink App  


    About ClassLink

    Want to learn more about how to use the My Apps, My Files, and My Classes tools? Download the teacher directions to your computer to review at your convenience.


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