2012-2013 Progress Report on District Goals

    1.  Oversee the successful commencement and first-year phase of the NPE Renovation Project.

    Effectively managed the process to get the pre-construction budget estimate aligned with the $16.5 project budget, by identifying project modifications and balanced alternates.  Oversaw the process of altering the project, after the receipt of bids, in order to bring contract awards within $16.5 budget.  Current project work schedule now conforms to approved timeline for completing the first phase of construction by Fall 2013. 

    2.  Strengthen the quality and caliber of teaching, curriculum, student achievement.

                    - Develop a more effective system of teacher supervision and evaluation.

    Effectively developed a changed model of teacher evaluation for implementation in September 2013.  System expands supervisory visits/contacts with teachers, and introduces differentiated paths for teachers in a way that recognizes individual teacher differences and promotes more ongoing professional growth.  Board to receive briefing at summer board meeting
    - Successfully implement the new K-8 math program and modifications to the K-8 language arts program, evaluate the K-8 science program, refocus the district’s gifted education program.

    Math In Focus has been successfully implemented at the middle school, and elementary schools have been prepared and readied for implementation of the new program in September 2013.  Established a professional development program with Teachers College/Columbia University to provide training to grades 3-5 teachers on bringing novels and more differentiated approaches to elementary reading program.  Science and gifted education vertical teams were formed and are currently working to identify needs and recommendations for strengthening these district programs.

    - Bolstering PSSA subgroup performance, expanding the range of students who participate in the Advanced Placement program successfully, and successful performance on the expanded Keystone Exams.

    Instituted range of actions to strengthen PSSA subgroup performance (special education) in the elementary schools (particularly WES and SRS), including administering Foresight Diagnostic Testing to at-risk students and greater utilization of mainstream curriculum materials and activities with special needs students.  Oriented high school staff to Keystone Exam expectations, with result of SHHS achieving some of the highest Keystone results in the county and region.  AP participation expanded, with SHHS receiving “Outstanding American High School” recognition from Newsweek and US News and World Report.  SHHS has now formed partnership with College Board to support implementation of a new AP Environmental Science course, which should attract a number of students who have yet to become involved in an AP program.

    - Establish a unifying vision of teaching & learning that applies to all classrooms.

    District Vision Team worked during the year to shape a sensible district understanding of high quality teaching and learning.  In-service days in November and February were organized to help all teachers promote more rigorous instruction in classes.

    - Expand faculty participation in high-quality professional development

    Affiliations with Swarthmore College (Teachers as Scholars), Columbia (Reading) and Penn (wide range of PD programs) were broadened to provide more staff involvement in “best practices” teacher training.  Staff College (now in its second year) expanded its range of offerings and base of teacher participation.

    - Successful integration of multiple teaching technologies into K-12 classrooms.

    Effectively supported introduction of IPAD use in HS and elementary classrooms, supported high school staff training to prepare way for universal Moodle implementation in September 2013.

    3.  Take demonstrable steps to ensure the near- and long-term financial health of the school district.

    - Establish a board/administration consensus on actions and strategies for successfully maintaining the long-term financial health of the district.

    Organized and launched a district strategic planning initiative that will be the major focus of district efforts in Fall 2013.

    - Develop a budget for 2013-2014 that embraces wider steps for limiting and controlling growth in expenditures.

    Developed a budget that provided for comparatively low increase of 2% on the tax rate, while continuing to move forward with range of quality improvement efforts.

    -Develop a plan for the sale or lease of the Summit School property.

    Launched an ad hoc committee to determine the future disposition of Summit School property, with successful efforts to engage a promising buyer who is working collaboratively with district to bring this effort to fruition.

    4.  Take demonstrable steps to stabilize special education through tighter management and compliance, more effective programming, and improved communication.

    Reorganized special education department and team to bring tighter, more proactive management to this area.  New team has dramatically improved compliance efforts and strengthened parent communication.