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    Wallingford Swarthmore Neighborhood Partners 

     Our Vision

     Neighborhood Partners is the creation of a dynamic welcoming community engaged in dialogue and purposeful partnership to support the well-being and achievement of ALL students.

    Our Mission

    To support positive constructive dialogue across system layers and media, to build productive relationships and personal connections throughout our system, and to strengthen the community and its members through exercise of collective skills, knowledge and talents.

     Our Values

    We value respectful constructive positive two-way interactions across all system layers and media to maintain a focus on the well-being of our system and all its members.

     Our Purpose

    Our purpose is to ensure the community that surrounds and nurtures our students is tended and nurtured as a system so all members have a voice and role in strengthening the community and in turn being supported by the whole.

    Get Involved

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    Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy Click Here

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