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    Miss Goldman is the Nether Providence Elementary School Media Specialist.  She is glad to meet and work with all of the faculty, staff and students!  

     Miss Goldman

    Funko Pop History, Culture and Literature Research Project

    NPE Library Funko Pop Research Project - Donors Choose



    My Project


    Each month in my K-5 library media center, I will feature a “mystery” Funko Pop. It will be an influential person or character (like Mister Rogers, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Princess Diana, Stan Lee, Dumbledore etc) without the name displayed.

    For example, students will utilize the clues to identify Mr. Rogers and write a famous or interesting quote from him such as “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”.

    The students need to guess who it is, research the person and turn in an inspirational quote from the person/character. Students will submit their guesses and a quote from that person or character. We will then make a display featuring the quotes and their research.




    Ozobot FairyTale 4th Grade Robotics Project 

    This lesson involved writing and coding.  Students "act out" a fairytale using Ozobot as the main character. Part of the story involved programming the Ozobot to complete tasks or engage in behavior related to the story.

    NPE Library S.T.E.M Library

    NPE Library now has a brand new S.T.E.A.M library!  Books that are available to students include such topics as engineering, computer graphing, coding, computer gaming, Maker's Space, 3D printing and a variety of S.T.E.M related Fiction stories.  

    In the 21st Century, a basic understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math (S.T.E.M) is part of being an informed and engaged citizen. Research shows that when families, schools, and communities work together to support learning, then students perform better academically and stay in school longer. 

    STEM Books

    Scholastic Book Fair - Enchanted Forest
     How much Dragon Food Guessing Game Unicorn Dragon Book Fair Tent Book Fair Book Fair





    Authors Visit on September 24th!

    On September 24th, Nether Providence Elementary School welcomed the children's book authors Audrey Vernick & Liz Garton Scanlon!  


     NPE Library Authors Visit

    We Strive to Create Life Long Learners!


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    The NPE Library collection includes over 13,000 fiction and nonfiction books. Kindergarten students visit the library once every 4 days for 30 minutes. Students in grades 1-5 visit the library once every 4 days for 45 minutes.  All library visits include lessons on such topics as library organization, literature appreciation, and information literacy as well as time for students to select books to take home.
    Elisa Goldman, Media Specialist
    610-874-5235 x4142