• Strath Haven High School Activities Booklet - 2008-2009

    Strath Haven High School Activities Council invites students to participate in a wide range of programs, which include student government organizations, scholarly pursuits, special interest leisure clubs, physical wellness programs, student publications, and art, music, and drama productions. Involvement in activities affords students the opportunity to explore special interests, influence the direction of school policy, and to affect the school environment.

    Most activities are open to all students on a volunteer or sign-up basis. Each club and organization provides numerous opportunities for social and intellectual growth and engagement in the life of the school community. Activity meeting dates, times, and locations are posted in the daily student bulletins and on the Activities Calendar, located in the second floor lobby.

    Designed by students to assist students, the SHHS Activities Booklet provides descriptions of the wide range of available clubs and activities. A tentative calendar listing the major school activities for the 2008-2009 school year can be found at the end of the booklet. Students are encouraged to use this calendar and the Activities Booklet as they make decisions regarding the upcoming year.

    The Activities Council invites students to come by the Activities Office located in Guidance conference room. Members of the Activities Council are always willing to answer any questions concerning Strath Haven's activities program. We hope that you will find happiness and fulfillment in 2008-2009. We also hope that you will take advantage of the activities program, meet new friends, accept new challenges, participate in, and contribute to, the life of the school. Please contact one of the members of the 2008-2009 Activities Council if you have any suggestions for a new organization, or if you have any questions about an activity.