• September 28, 2018 UPDATE:

    This week Mr. Savage was able to meet with the WES Playfield committee and share with them a plan for the new soft play area. He expressed how thankful for their thoughtful, passionate and respectful ideas, concerns and suggestions. You will find a  picture of the proposed new playground space including the updated ideas for the soft play area if you click here. The space will allow students to enjoy two sets of swings and two or three pieces of new play equipment. The new equipment is inclusive and still leaves open space for WES students to run and play which was a main  goal of the group. It is a pleasure to work toward the long awaited goal of multiple, flexible and usable play spaces for the students at WES. We are currently on track to have all plans to the engineer and consequently given to the WSSD School Board to begin the bid process at some point in October.


    September 21, 2018 UPDATE:

    WES Playfield Update- Mr. Savage gave an update at the September 11th Board meeting including the following:

    • South Providence field has new sod and irrigation system. We are waiting on the grass to be cut before use.
      • Target date: September 21st

    There are only a few outstanding engineering items to be completed before the Request for Proposal process can begin and move to the bid process.

      • Target date for RFP: early October

      • Target date for bid process to begin: early November

      • Target date for bid award: January 2019

      • Target date for Phase 2 project start: June 20th, 2019


    August 16, 2018 UPDATE:

    The South Providence Field had its irrigation piping put in August 14th and sod was installed August 16th.  We are happy to see the project continuing to progress and on track to be ready for use this Fall when students return. (Photos above from Nick Cirilli)


    July 23, 2018 UPDATE:

    On Monday July 23rd, 2018 Mr. Savage presented an update on the plans for the WES Play Field to the WES Community at the WSSD Board Meeting. 

     Click here to review the presentation. The summary is below as well as the link:

     At the July 23rd WSSD Board meeting, Mr. Savage shared with the board directors that:

    • He is thoroughly impressed with the work of the WES Playfield committee under the leadership of Mr. Buecheler.  The plan is thoughtful, detailed and accomplishes the  goal of better utilizing the outdoor space in a more reliable, usable and flexible way.
    • His role is to honor the work of the committee and see the project to its completion in the most efficient and effective way possible.
    • Field #1 (North Providence Road) is currently in the process of being resodded. The manhole covers have been lowered, the system for watering is being finalized and this space will be ready for use Fall of 2018 when students return.
    • Field #2 (Lower field with Big Toy and Swing) and Field #3 (Black top and field parallel to the multi purpose room ) - the architectural engineering drawings are 70% complete with the goal of sending the project out to bid by Fall of 2018. This section of the project is slated to begin work the day after students leave June 2019 and be completed for the opening of school Fall 2019.
    • Field #3 (Black top and field parallel to the multi purpose room) the grass portion of this field is being temporarily restored for use effective Fall 2018. This field will begin the year being rested as we use only Field #1 for the beginning of the year.
      • Getting students used to the routine of resting fields will ensure we are used to this practice as we move into our modified space during the 2019-2020 school year.