• Summer Reading Lists for Elementary Students

    Summer Reading Guidelines
    One of the best ways for students to return to school ready for success in the next grade is to keep reading over the summer. Children who read throughout these months maintain or increase their reading level, but those who do not can actually lose some of the progress they have made during the school year.  
    This list is designed to give you some ideas of books that librarians across the district and state have found appealing to students at this age. Students can even vote for their favorite Pennsylvania Young Readers’ Choice Award book next spring if they have read at least three of the nominees.
    Our students are encouraged to read at their “just-right” level. Some students might know their Fountas and Pinnell level which is stated in parentheses after the book title if it is available. For other books or students who are not aware of their level, we encourage them to use the “five finger rule” where they try to read the first page. If they encounter more than five words with which they are unfamiliar, the book is beyond their independent level and they should try a different one. Those books might be great for an adult to read to them.
    Our students have grown so much in the past school year. Let’s make sure that they keep growing and learning over the summer!