• Clubs & Activities 2018-2019

    Strath Haven High School values an active and involved student community.   Students are invited to participate in an array of clubs and activities. There are over 100 student activities, clubs, musical groups, athletic teams, and student government organizations.   You can explore scholarly pursuits, special interest leisure clubs, physical wellness programs, student publications, and art, music, and drama productions.  You can also influence the direction of school policy and affect the school environment.  If you have an interest that is not included in our cornucopia of activities, simply come to the Activities Council, located in Ms. Zanoni's room (room 353/355), to pick up the necessary forms to create a new organization.  We hope that you will take advantage of the activities program, meet new friends, accept new challenges, and have a great year by getting involved. 

    Most activities are open to all students on a volunteer or sign-up basis.  Each organization provides countless opportunities for social and intellectual growth and enhances the Strath Haven High School experience. To list an activity on your activities roster, which can be included with your high school transcript, you must contribute to the group on a regular basis, and the group must meet for the full school year. 

    Activities meeting dates, times, and places are announced through the monthly Activities Calendar located on the 2nd floor lobby, and coming soon, an event calendar on this site.

    How to organize and run a student organization

    1.  Each organization must have an approved sponsor.   Before a club can be formed, the sponsor must agree to be present at all official meetings and functions.

    2.  Each organization must have 10 active members to maintain active status.  New and Old Clubs alike must fill out a membership form each year.  Forms can be obtained in the Guidance Suite.

    3.  Each organization should select a leadership group which includes a Treasurer (mandatory) and any other leaders deemed necessary to keep the group running smoothly.  Each group must have a leadership form on file with the Activities Council.

    4.  Once approved, each group can select a representative for the Activities Fair. Each club will be assigned a table and the student leaders will be given an opportunity to promote their club. Any group that has any questions should speak with Ms. Zanoni prior to the day of the fair. The fair is for freshman and new students and takes place during third block in the gym. Upperclassman will have a chance to sign up for your clubs the following week in the cafeteria. The Activities Fair happens once a school year, during the second week of school. 

    5.  Each group should choose a regular time to meet each month and post the time and place on the Student Activities Calendar on the 2nd floor.  For example, International Club's regular meeting is the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Guidance Suite.  Events or monthly activities should also be posted.

    6.  Fundraisers must be approved by the Activities Director and the Administration at least two weeks in advance of the event to avoid conflicts.  All monies collected must be reported on Wallingford-Swarthmore School District (see forms tab).  Any group not following these guidelines will forfeit their fundraising for the year.

    7.  All posted material and publicity for your events must have an official Activities Stamp.  Only official school sponsored organizations are permitted to advertise their events.  See the Activities Director to get your flyers stamped.  Any unstamped material will be removed from the walls.