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    Colette Sabatina, Ph.D.
    School Psychologist

    Role and Responsibilities of School Psychologist:  
    In the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District, school psychologists at the elementary level have a diverse role in which they consult with teachers on academic and behavioral concerns, serve as a member on various building teams, work closely with the special education teams on providing special education programs and services, and consult with parents on behavioral and academic concerns.    
    As the Nether Providence Elementary (NPE) school psychologist, my primary responsibility is to complete comprehensive evaluations for students who have gone through the Instructional Support Team (IST) and deemed to need additional information for appropriate programming.  The assessment process is outlined on the PDE website/special education webpage?. I work closely with the NPE special education team to insure that special education services are appropriately delivered.  
    In addition to a comprehensive evaluations,    
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